Yes.  This is a season when the unexpected has taken the place of what we used to call expected and familiar.  Many of us feel the heaviness of a season where there is more strife and discord than there is unity and ease.  

Even still, we are each being called to find our inner harmony and our inner rhythm.  

We are being called to listen to the depths of our soul.  

So instead of celebrating Homecoming season, we are making sacred space and time for SoulComing.  

A time to honor our inner truth, our inner power and our inner presence.  

It is time to reconnect with the part of us that is far more than what we do, what we wear, where we live and what we have experienced.  

We have each been given a treasure far richer than gold, more brilliant than diamonds and it is right inside of each of us.  Always and already.  

SoulComing is a time when we connect with the beautiful deposits that we each uniquely have been given.  

Why? The world is crying out for light, for wisdom, for guidance.  

Before we can answer the world, we must connect with our soul.

Four Week Course + Bonus Private Session
Sundays at 2 pm EST, 12 pm MST, 11 am PST

We  meet for four weeks on ZOOM for 75 min.

(Link shared after you sign up)

Includes meditation, lesson, reflection questions and shared discussion

Sunday, 10/24 - Replenish and Nourish  
Sunday, 10/31 - Stillness and Presence
Sunday, 11/7 - Forgiveness and Healing
Sunday, 11/14 - Peace and Power

BONUS Private Session :  40 min One on One

To be free is to give your soul permission to heal, to flourish, to shine and to flow - without excuses or exceptions.   

It's time for SoulComing.

Course Curriculum

About Michanda Lindsey

Presence & FLOW

Michanda Lindsey

It is a joy to support and assist us in knowing that we are amazing, radiant and magnificent.  This means reminding us that we are more than our history, our culture, our experiences, our joys, our successes, our triumphs, our wounds, and our pain. I believe that even though we are each wonderfully unique, we are also connected through this gift of life.  I am honored to be able to assist people in discovering that their answers are already within them - if we just slow down and make time and space to truly listen from the inside out.   I know that as each of us becomes reconnected with our true purpose, we truly shine and help others do the same.  

If you are ready to connect with your inner purpose, your inner truth and your inner presence